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About Saving Our Lakes and Open Spaces

SOLOS is an organization of Rancho Murieta residents committed to protecting and preserving our beautiful lakes, open spaces, trail system, water supply, and natural resources for the enjoyment of all.  The organization formed in March 2015 upon learning about proposed development of an additional 1300+ homes, many proposed around our three most pristine lakes, Lake Clementia, Chesbro, and Calero.  

Cheryl McElhany, Ed.D

Retired Educator & Administrator
John Merchant
Vice President

Retired Business Owner 
Council Members

Grace Long                              Teresa Ilaga


Greg Wheeler


Kerry Manske


Linda Butler - Membership


John Van Doren - Treasurer

Mary Kaems

Henry IIaga

We need you!

We're always looking for people who are passionate about Rancho Murieta life.


Join Our Team

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