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What's Happening in Rancho Murieta

June 2017

We snapped this balloon photo on a Sunday morning. What a perfect breeze they had with a picnic brunch ready for their touchdown on the

other side. Ballooning will be a rare activity in this area should the proposed development get approved. Read more...

May 2017

SOLOS members continually ask me if this beautiful land on the far side of Lake Calero is part of the Rancho North proposed development plan, and will that beautiful heritage oak canopy, that you can see well in this photo, be affected?  The answer is yes.  You are looking at “Village G” which proposes 50 lots on the far right side of Calero and on the far shore under the balloon in the photo above.   

Read More Here

SIgn up for changes in the zone developments

You can view the full map at this link…….

April 2017​

Spring is the time for wildflowers. Rancho Murieta is starting to bloom. Many varieties of wildflowers can be found around our lakes, on the trails, and along the river. Wander around Lake Calero, which is easy to access by walking, golf cart or bike,  and you will find a vast number of unusual flowers in bloom, such as, Tidy Tips,  Ithuriel’s  Spear, Glass Lily, Lupine, White Meadowfoam, Butter & Eggs, Tomcat Clover, and Goldfields to name a few.

Read Our Full April Update 

March 2017​




Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Update

The Rancho North Properties application for new development in Rancho Murieta has been stalled at the Sacramento County Planning Dept. since last Spring while the County hosted a series of community meetings attended by various “stakeholder” groups in the community and the Developer.  Organizations,  such as RMA, CSD, the Country Club, SOLOS, RM Trail Stewards,  and local ranchers attended the meetings to voice their concerns, from their prospective, to the Developers as part of this  planning process. Recommendations in many areas were offered to the Developers.  SOLOS, of course, offered the most restrictive recommendations, in that we are greatly concerned about the impact of proposed development that will cause traffic congestion, contamination of our reservoirs, reduction of our beautiful open spaces, and damage to our precious wildlife habitat.  


We proposed that Rancho North Properties enter into a joint agreement with our community governing agencies to create a “Preserve” of the land around Lakes Calero, Chesbro, and Clementia, rather than develop this property into housing tracts.  Such an agreement might involve a combination of donated, purchased, and/or trade of land, services, and/or amenities.  And, the creation of a “Preserve” would be a gift to our community forever.​

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