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Frequently Asked Questions...

In spite of the fact that SOLOS has over 1300 members, we are often asked at our meet and greet events many of the same questions.  We hope this addition to our website is helpful to our community.

What is SOLOS and what is their Mission Statement?

SOLOS stands for Saving Our Lakes and Open Spaces. We are a non-profit, Political Action Committee (PAC) with a membership of 1300+ residents committed to the protection and preservation of land, water, environment, and quality of life in Rancho Murieta.


We are residents of Rancho Murieta who are dedicated to responsible development that preserves and protects our lakes, open spaces, trails, pristine views, solitude, and quality of life for all.

What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a non-profit organization governed by the laws of the Federal Election Commission. We chose to become a PAC because we clearly recognized from the beginning of SOLOS’ formation in 2015, that acquiring influence regarding development is a political process. Decisions regarding community development are critical to the current residents and it is important for SOLOS to support candidates and initiatives that ascribe to the SOLOS Mission Statement.

(More info on PACs go to

What are SOLOS goals?

  • Inform all RM residents of proposed and on-going development plans, and the possible effects to the community, i.e. density/home value, water, wildlife,  traffic, security, and environment.

  • Develop a plan with acceptable alternatives for both the residents and developers.

  • Form a community coalition toward the preservation of the lakes, open spaces and hiking/biking trails for the benefit of all RM residents.

  • Continue to grow membership to aid in keeping the community well informed.

What is the SOLOS leadership structure?

SOLOS was formed in the spring of 2015 by a leadership Council which remains in place today. Please visit our 'About Us' page to see the current SOLOS Council members.

What does SOLOS mean by "responsible development?"

Responsible development means that the impacts of development will not impact the existing community and environment negatively. Probable impacts for our area to consider are:

Ione soil, proximity to reservoirs/drainage and water purity, water supply and storage, trees, and wild life habitat, just to name a few. 

All aspects must be considered when developing in Rancho Murieta.

Why is keeping Open Space important to the community?

During times when travel was restricted our open space allowed people a safe place to experience the outdoors.

Many people have noted that they moved to RM because of the open space but later learned that it’s privately owned and possibly setup for future development.  If these open spaces were gone residents would need to travel outside the community to engage in certain types of outdoor activities.

Without responsible development, trails could be eliminated, and new trails may not be as open and could most likely be paved.

Our open space provides opportunity for children and teens to experience the outdoors and still be safe within the gates.

What development project(s) is SOLOS most concerned about?

The Rancho North Properties has an application filed at the Sacramento County Planning Dept. to convert 777 acres, currently zoned as Agriculture, to Housing. The housing would be located in what is called the Villages A- H containing approx. 697 lots. Over half of these lots would be in the open space areas around our reservoirs, the river, and hiking trails.

This application has been inactive since 2017 and remains incomplete. However, spokes persons for Rancho North often make claims that the project will get active soon. To advance the application, a number of studies need to be completed, fees would need to be paid, and then the County Planning Dept. would start the review process.  The review would involve issuing a Notice of Preparation (NOP) and then completing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This process could take 2 years.

Should this application become active, SOLOS plans to contest its approval and will activate its full membership to work towards our preservation goals.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at  See you on the trails.

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