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Development Documents

This page is intended to provide links to relevant communication from the County, the Developer, the Home Owners Association, or the CSD.  Most of these links are provided by John Merchant, Vice President of SOLOS and long time RM resident.  We are fortunate to have him in our corner.

Current Documents

RM North Map

This document shows the changes to each Village and the lots within them. It also shows the land that will not be developed behind the Calero Reservoir. The first map was submitted in 2014 with 925 proposed lots. The second map was adjusted in 2016 to 795 lots. This map, March 2022, has 697 lots that are proposed to be built in 8 separate villages.

RM North Map

RMN North Justification

This justification statement accompanies the new map to the county and explains the changes to the project since the previous submittal.

RM North Properties Justification

Revised App Planning Comments

Upon receipt of the application submitted 3/20/2022 by the developer, the Sacramento County Department of Planning and Environmental Review asks the 'stakeholders' if they feel there are any omissions or deficiencies in the petition. The revised application planning comments, are comments John Merchant submitted after meeting with the Sac County Planners, the GM of the CSD and the CSD Director of Operations.  This letter is a supplement to the letter submitted by the GM of CSD on 5/3/2022.  The County will now determine if the application is ready to proceed or if it is incomplete.

Revised App Planning Comments

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construction 1_edited.jpg
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