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Spring Brings Wild Flowers to Rancho Murieta

Spring Wildflowers in RM

Spring is the time for wildflowers, and Rancho Murieta is starting to bloom. Many varieties of wildflowers can be found around our lakes, on the trails, and along the river.

Wander around Lake Calero, which is easy to access by walking, golf cart or bike, and you will find a vast number of unusual flowers in bloom, such as, Tidy Tips, Ithuriel’s Spear, Glass Lily, Lupine, White Meadowfoam, Butter & Eggs, Tomcat Clover, and Goldfields to name a few.

Tomcat Clover is plentiful this Spring.

Tidy Tips growing all around the back lakes.

Sacramento County Wildflowers is a wonderful book and guide to help identify local wildflowers. It features photos by Jan Fetler, who took many of her photos in Rancho Murieta. In addition, the book has detailed flower illustrations by Chris Wassermann. SOLOS has the book available for $20 at membership sign-up tables and $5 goes to SOLOS for every book sold. Many of the most spectacular wildflowers are the smallest. Be sure to take the time this year to explore and enjoy what Nature provides in our own backyard.

Vista Views Continue at Lake Calero

Years of drought and rising temperatures produced very little snow or views like this. It is so great to see the rain and snow return this year and be able to see such beauty from our pristine lakes of the Sierras. Sitting at the Lake Calero Park memorial bench and gazing over the blue waters and heritage oaks, is truly such an inspirational place for reflection and meditation. It is surprising how many Rancho Murieta residents we run into who have not walked around our back lakes and experienced these beautiful views. Paved streets, sidewalks, street lights, backyards and tons of cars in place of these precious oaks and serene views would not enhance our community. This area should be preserved for our community. SOLOS encourages its members and all in the community who hike, bike, jog, and fish in and around our back lakes to voice their concerns to CSD and RMA about losing this beautiful area around our reservoirs. CSD, in particular, should be more concerned about preserving the land and habitat around our reservoirs to further protect our water supply. Please join our efforts and speak to you elected officials and voice you concerns.

Traffic Issues Growing In RM

This photo was taken around 10:00 A.M., on a weekday, i.e. not even a rush hour time period, and there were 7 cars backed up to come in the North gate. This surpassed the left turn lane that is now provided. Many people report that backups like this are actually much worse during rush hours timeframes, and voice concern about how fast cars speed down Jackson Hyw. as they round the curve and downgrade coming into Rancho Murieta. The left turn lane appears most inadequate to handle the demand in the evening between 4:00 and 6:00, and cars are backed up on each side of the intersection in the morning, trying to get onto Jackson Road, as well. So the big question that arises is what will it be like when there is a huge hotel, another shopping center, 800 more residences, and 2000+ more people using this same road system??? More thought and planning should go into decisions that might only exaccerbate this problem. SOLOS is working toward that end.

Hurrah for all the wildflowers!!

(photos and info compliments of Joanne Brandt)

Butter and Eggs, Gold Fields

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