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May/June 2017

Rancho North Properties Submits New Maps and Updated Development Plan to Sacramento County Planning Department. Click on the link below to view.

SUMMARY: Rancho North Properties was asked by the County to make some revisions in their previously submitted plans and maps for their proposed development of 795 homes in Villages A-H. Villages D-H are located around our back lakes with 316 homes proposed. Homes, and streets, and sidewalks, and traffic……..oh my!

This places excess demand on our water, security, environmental habitat and local services. The next step in the development application process is for a new Notice of Preparation (NOP) to be issued by Sac County Planning. It will be similar to the last NOP which lists 13 environmental areas, such as traffic, water supply, endangered species, etc. each of which the developer must submit a plan on how each area will be considered, mitigated, and/or addressed as a condition of approval. The County Planning Dept. will then draft an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which either confirms the developer’s plans or recommends/requires revisions.

The process is extremely tedious and long with Public Hearings held to allow the public and public agencies to comment on areas of the NOP, and then again to comment on the draft EIR. The NOP Public Hearings might be held this fall, but the draft EIR Public Hearings won’t be until next year. To say this development proposal is highly complicated might be an understatement. The environmental impact will be huge and, it certainly appears that the expense and development process will be exorbitant and challenging.



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