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Hello Again, SOLOS Members


Hello SOLOS Members,

We had a great response from the below message with 5 additional members wanting to sponsor a page/month in our upcoming "Best of Murieta" Calendar. There are 4 months left, if any of you want to sponsor one of the remaining months, and help SOLOS raise some money for its operating expenses (i.e. website, mailing, graphics, and PR costs.) Thanks in advance to those of you that replied. We hope to have the Calendars ready to sell at our Sept. 27th Membership Mtg. and Social, to be held at the RMA Bldg. at 7:30 P.M.

(Previous message sent last week)

We need to raise some money for our operating expenses. So we are in the process of developing a 2018 Calendar that includes photography by local resident artists Paul Anderson and Bill Gengler highlighting some of the best parts of Rancho Murieta, i.e., the lakes, trails, wildlife, golf course, etc. We are asking SOLOS members and/or their respective businesses to sponsor a month for $100 per month. We have 7 months left. (Feb.,May, June, August, Sept., Nov., and Dec.) If you would like to sponsor a month and have your names and/or business imprinted on the Calendar month page, please reply to my email, let me know which month you would like, and send your $100 donation to SOLOS at 6040 Puerto Drive, Rancho Murieta, Ca. 95683. The Calendars will be ready the end of this month and will sell for $20. You will get a complimentary copy for your donation. The calendars will make a great holiday gift for friends and family that have visited or will visit Rancho Murieta.

SOLOS continues to work towards preserving our lakes and open spaces as our membership is growing closer to our goal of 1000 members.

Thank you for your support.


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