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It's time to speak up!

Snow is back in the Sierras!

The snow is back in the Sierras! We hope you are able to get out to the back lakes for a hike soon and view the beautiful vistas and pristine habitat just minutes away from your house.

Update on Development & Time For You To Speak Up

In case you are not aware, SOLOS is strongly supporting the CSD Board's current proposal to create a community "coalition" to purchase the Country Club and golf courses, renovate and modernize the Country Club, build a Community Center, and acquire the land around the back lakes for a recreational preserve. Not only do we support the preservation of open space, but we also recognize the importance to our community of rejuvenating our golf club and courses, and adding a community center with modern amenities. Passing a Bond to provide funding for this plan will take time and energy, but the cost to residents will be reasonable. And, this significant investment in our community will be a great value to all residents for many years to come.

CSD, other community agencies, and the Developers need to know we all support this proposal. SOLOS membership is now at 930. Our elected officials need to hear from more than just those of us on the SOLOS Council. Time for you to speak up!

Please send an email or phone message to the Rancho Murieta elected officials on our community Boards and the Developers and let them know you support the CSD proposal delineated above. Here is their Contact Information: (Keep this for future use.)

Rancho Murieta Association (RMA)

Alex Bauer (Pres.), ph. 761-7216

Larry Shelton (VP), 955-9955

Cheryl McElhany (Treas.), 690-2377

Rob Brown (Sec.) 354-8415

Joanne Brandt 354-2346

Jim Crowder 747-4498

Stephanie Bianchi 687-1016

Greg Vorster, General Manager 354-3500

RM Country Club Board

Mike Martel Pres. 354-0566

Jon Synder 354-2077

Gerard Ortner 354-1043

Richard Brandt 354-2726

Chris Pasek 354-1590

Bill Armstrong 354-1857

Elizabeth Meyer 354-1344

Community Services District (CSD)

Mark Pecotich

John Merchant 761-2765

Morrison Graf 354-9768

Les Clark 354-8434

Gerald Pasek 354-1590

Mark Martin, General Manager

Rancho North Properties

John Sullivan 807-4360

Tom DeRegt 831-709-7030

Carol Anderson Ward 916-803-4363

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference!

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