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Hello SOLOS Members,

We highly encourage you to support the DRIVE 45 Initiative which is circulating through our community. CSD is collecting names of supporters to transmit to Sacramento County to show further support for this initiative. Lowering the speed limit on Jackson Road from 50 mph to 45 mph, as vehicles come into and pass through our community, is critical as the traffic flow is increasing by the day due to increasing development here and the communities surrounding us. It is a fact, that by lowering the speed limit just 5 mph, lower accident rates will follow. We all know there will still be many drivers that disregard the speed limit and carelessly barrel on through our community, but most drivers will adhere, and with your help we feel certain, this change can be accomplished.

Send an email of your support for Drive 45 to Suzanne Lindenfeld at CSD email address:

Thank you!

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