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SOLOS Sunday- April 29, 8:00-11:00 AM

Come on out to Lake Calero and Chesbro this Sunday to see the wild flowers and beautiful vista views around the back lakes. Walk some of the 17.5 miles of natural surface trails, toss a fishing line in as you travel around the crystal lakes, and check out the endless miles of blue oak canopy. What a environmental treasure we have just footsteps away from our homes. SOLOS is so close to meeting our goal this year of having 1000 members. Just 27 more residents need to join. Please join us walking the trails this coming Sunday and help us recruit some new members on your way!

*******SOLOS Disappointed In Dissolution of CSD Bond Initiative Proposal..............................................

In case you have not heard, the concept of CSD leading the community towards a possible bond proposal that might have helped raise money to remodel the country club, rejuvenate the golf courses, build a Community Center, and purchase the open space acreage around our back lakes is no longer being formally discussed by the pertinent community organizations (i.e. CSD, RMA, and RMCC) and the Developer due to a number of reasons. Most significantly, the price the Developer has placed on the land in question reflects a much higher speculative amount as opposed to what the current appraised value might be. And, there are portions of the land in question, in particular the acreage in Village H and F, which is the acreage around Lake Calero and Lake Chesbro, which Deveopers now state is "not for sale".

As you know, SOLOS is most interested in seeing the acreage in Villages D-H remain undeveloped, and instead, placed in a "Preserve" for all residents to enjoy for many years to come. The total acreage in Villages D-H is 163 acres. If this were to become a Preserve, it would eliminate 316 lots from the proposed development of 795 homes, still leaving the developers 479 home sites to develop. We feel this is sufficient growth for our community, and will continue to oppose any further development around our back lakes through the County Environmental Impact Review process. We hope all our SOLOS members will stay engaged and support SOLOS in this arduous struggle to keep our beautiful environmental habitat undeveloped and preserved.

Hope to see you this Sunday out on the trails!

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