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1000+ Members! We surpassed our goal!!

We are so thrilled to announce that we reached and surpassed our goal of 1000 members on our SOLOS Sunday walk April 29th. We are now at 1012 members and plan to continue adding members over the summer. Watch for information regarding a Membership Celebration event in August to be held at the Local Bean with music, food, and wine, of course!

Moragan & Jerome Keyes, our 1000 and 1001 members, along with son, Jason, and daughter, MaKenna; and SOLOS Membership Coordinator, Linda Butler

New to Rancho Murieta!

It was so great to see so many RM friends and neighbors come out to support SOLOS and welcome 25 new members April 29th. Many of the new members are actually new to Rancho Murieta and were surprised and concerned about the proposed plans to develop housing around our beautiful lakes and trails. There have been a few naysayers that love to claim the lakes really are not ours (i.e. the residents) but it is important to set the record straight on this issue. The lakes' (reservoirs/our drinking water supply) ownership is as follows: the water belongs to CSD and we are the ratepayers, and the land under the reservoirs belongs to RMA, which is our association. It is the land around the lakes that is owned by the Rancho North developers, and it is zoned Agriculture. Rancho North is applying to the County to change the zoning to allow it to be developed into housing. Their application remains incomplete at the County Planning Department, with no activity since January of 2017.

SOLOS will continue to work towards getting the land around our lakes preserved either by a land acquisition deal or by a significant opposition campaign at the County level. 3 beautiful lakes, 17.5 miles of meandering trails, gorgeous heritage and blue oaks, abundant wildlife, and vista views of the Sierra. It really is worth the challenge!

Thank you for your membership and continued support of SOLOS!!

Please encourage your RM friends and neighbors to join SOLOS by sending their contact info to:

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