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September Update: Development Progress; CSD Candidates; Join Us on October 6

It's Almost October?

Wow! Where did the summer go? These cool evenings and mornings are bringing fall a bit quicker than most of us may want. I am hoping for a long fall just like this for lots more days to come. A few good rain storms and no crazy winds or 100 degree temperatures would make it a perfect fall.

August 2018 Lake Calero- A swans' paradise!


Status of Developer's Application to Build at the Lakes

It may have seemed like a quiet summer for SOLOS because development issues related to the application by Rancho North Properties to Sacramento County to build another 795 homes in our community have come to a standstill. Approximately half of the 795 homes are proposed to be built around our back lakes. Currently, the land around the back lakes is zoned for agriculture, so the application submitted to the County is requesting a zoning change from agriculture to housing. This request requires a very complicated EIR (Environmental Impact Review) study be completed by the Sacramento County Planning Department, and it takes 18-24 months to complete the study after all the application paperwork is submitted. So far, the paperwork for this application remains incomplete, with nothing submitted since January 2015. SOLOS Council members have been monitoring this application regularly and stay in touch with the County planners in charge of the process. It appears that the developers for Rancho North Properties have their hands full with getting their housing units completed for the Retreats—which is supposed to have 84 units, but only has 22 so far—and with the development surrounding the hotel.


Save the Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 3:30-6:30 pm

Join us for the SOLOS 1000+ Membership Celebration!

Where: Gazebo at Lake Clementia When: 10/6, 3:30-6:30 pm

What: Enjoy some great music by The New Jazz Quartet. Eat some Octoberfest grub (Grilled brats & fix’ens). And, enjoy our beautiful Lake Clementia with fellow SOLOS members.

RSVP Details: Donation requested is $10/per adult. Email to confirm and include the number in your party.


SOLOS Goals for 2018-19

SOLOS continues to work on important goals that will make our environmental oversight and dedication to responsible development even stronger.

  1. Continue to build our membership, now over 1000, to include more residents who want to see our lakes, open spaces, trails, wildlife, and unique habitat protected and preserved. (Let’s get to 1500!)

  2. Support candidates for our current governing organizations who share our environmental concerns and are willing to represent our views for environmental oversight and responsible development.

  3. Keep RM residents informed and knowledgeable about development activities and growth issues that affect the community and its environment, water supply, security, and traffic.


It's time to vote! Meet the Candidates for the CSD Board

Election Day is November 6, but your ballot will be in your mailbox around October 8. There are 7 people running for the 3 open seats on the CSD Board. Hmmm, that makes us wonder what the big attraction is for this seemingly thankless job.

SOLOS has interviewed most of the candidates, and there are two in particular that support our environmental goals and views regarding responsible development.

We hope you will support:

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