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November Update: Successful Clean-Up Day and Election Recap

Annual Lake Clean-Up Day on November 3rd a Big Success

Wow! What a lot of trash we collected around all three of our beautiful back lakes. Beach balls, soccer balls, broken oars, tons of beer bottles and cans, leaky boats, dozens of chips bags and snack wrappers, etc. Over 40 local residents joined the Rancho Murieta Fishing Club, SOLOS, and the Murieta Trail Stewards from 8:00-11 to spread out and collect nearly 30 bags of trash. Thanks to RMA for supplying the trash bags, gloves, and trash pickers. Thanks to the Fishing Club President, Greg Mason, and past President, Jay Solomon for organizing everyone for a morning of hard work and fresh air. Thank you to the following workers who signed in and worked Nov. 3rd.

Kimberly Crawford + 2 kids, Collin Crawford, Patti Weaver, Linda Sims, John Van Doren, Linda Butler, Cheryl McElhany, Linda Klein, Kathleen Westwood, Walter Kim, Michelle Kim, Jay Solomon, Carolyn Kuhnz, Susan Melleger, Rene Melleger, Corrine Howell, Marsha Cornelius +2kids, Larry Schmidt, Dan Pennington, Jan Pennington, Michael Campbell, Barbara Campbell, Roger Brandt, Joanne Brandt, Mary Kaems, Maralee Duffey, Pat Rooney, Gary Mosa, Bill Ossolinski, Mike Wasserman, Richard Wasserman, Leilani le Blanc, Greg Warrick, Ron Amarante, Kelly Crowder, Jim Crowder, Greg Mason, Sarah Hawkins, John Merchant, Marleen Merchant.


Election Results

Rancho Murieta Association (RMA)

We are really pleased that SOLOS President, Cheryl McElhany, was re-elected to the RMA Board for another 3-year term. Thank you to all the SOLOS voters who supported her re-election. We are also happy that incumbent, Larry Shelton, was re-elected as well.

Results for the two (2) vacancies:

Cheryl McElhany 639

Larry Shelton 576

Danny Carrillo 556

One of the projects that Cheryl will be working on this year for RMA is the development of a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan for our community. Watch for more information on this project in the coming months.

Rancho Murieta Community Services District (CSD)

The 3rd seat in the CSD race was a close one, but we're pleased that Linda Butler finished 91 votes ahead of the next candidate, securing her seat on the board.


SOLOS Goals for 2018-19

SOLOS continues to work on important goals that will make our environmental oversight and dedication to responsible development even stronger.

  1. Continue to build our membership, now over 1000, to include more residents who want to see our lakes, open spaces, trails, wildlife, and unique habitat protected and preserved. (Let’s get to 1500!)

  2. Support candidates for our current governing organizations who share our environmental concerns and are willing to represent our views for environmental oversight and responsible development.

  3. Keep RM residents informed and knowledgeable about development activities and growth issues that affect the community and its environment, water supply, security, and traffic.


Hope your Thanksgiving was terrific - see you on the trails!

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