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Wrapping up 2018! SOLOS 1000+ Strong.

Winter storm clouds heading to the Sierras.

Lake Calero is beautiful even in the winter, as the recent rain storm passed through to the Sierras. We hope you can get out and walk the trails around the lakes over the holiday season, as the air is finally clean and the vista views of the Sierras are spectacular.

Election Success

We are really pleased with the November election results in general and want to thank all SOLOS members who stepped up and supported our recommended candidates. It is official that Linda Butler, who serves as the SOLOS Membership Chair, was elected to the CSD Board. It was a tight race, but Linda pulled ahead and won her seat by approximately 100 votes.

Cheryl McElhany was also re-elected to her position on the RMA Board, ending up with the most votes of the three candidates that were running. Thank you all again for supporting these candidates.

With all of the recent awful fires and resulting dangerous air quality, environmental oversight is greatly becoming more and more important. Our community will be having discussions at many different levels in the year to come regarding our emergency preparedness and improvements that will be needed as development continues and its expected effects on traffic, security, safety, and our water supply.

SOLOS will be working on prioritizing our work efforts early in 2019 with the goal of staying current on all the important issues facing our community now and in the future. We hope you will stay with us and continue your support of the SOLOS focus on responsible development and preserving our unique environment.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in 2019!!

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