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And the winners are...

RMA Board Election

Jim Moore, RMA Inspector of Elections swears in John Van Doren and Tom Reimers to the RMA Board. SOLOS is delighted that John and Tom, both longtime SOLOS members, won the recent election. Both will serve a 3 year term starting Dec. 1, 2021. John has served on the SOLOS Council since its beginning in 2014, and Tom has been a member for the past 5 years. Both John and Tom are highly supportive of protecting our lakes, trails, and unique environment. SOLOS membership is now approximately 1300 members and we thank you that voted in the past RMA election. SOLOS continues to grow stronger and hopefully will continue to be influential in our community in preserving our lakes and open spaces.


SOLOS Raffle

Photography Raffle Winners Named at SOLOS Council Meeting on Nov. 1, 2021. John Merchant holds the bag of raffle tickets and John Van

Doren did the drawing for the SOLOS Fall Raffle. This year we were so fortunate to have two award winning photographs donated from local photographer, Paul Anderson, shown below. The Swans photo titled, "Not on my watch" was won by longtime SOLOS member Greg O'Brien. The Calero Sunset was won by another very supportive SOLOS member, Marklin Brown. Congratulations Greg and Marklin.


Help us get a WIN for our Open Spaces

RMA Strategic Plan Comment Period

Please let RMA hear from you regarding the importance of protecting our lakes (i.e. drinking water reservoirs) and the open space around our lakes and river. There is ample space elsewhere in the community to add housing, but we don't need or want it around our back lakes. RMA should have something in their "Strategic Plan" that supports the preservation of our lakes, trails, and open space around our lakes. As you know, SOLOS would like to see the land around Lake Calero, Chesbro, and Clementia, and along the River put into a Preserve and owned by our community so that all residents can enjoy these areas in perpetuity.

The development company that owns this land now, wants to cover it with streets and houses, but the land in question, currently zoned for Agriculture, has to be approved for housing by the County. This is a very involved process with lots of steps and an EIR (Environmental Impact Review). So, it's complicated.

It will really help if you would please send your input to RMA regarding their Strategic Plan.

Let them know you expect RMA to be supportive of a future initiative to protect our lakes and preserve our open spaces, trails, and unique habitat. You should have received an email from RMA for your input for the Strategic Plan. If you did not receive it, just contact RMA at and give them your input.


SOLOS has a Goal, and you can help us win here too!


Please help SOLOS meet our goal of 1500 members by the end of 2021. If all members would just recruit 1 new member, we would more than surpass our goal. Signing up is so easy. Just go to SOLORSRM.ORG and fill out the sign-up form. Thanks for your support and interest in protecting our lakes and open spaces. Help us meet our goal of 1500!


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