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March 2021 Updates are here...


On most days, when walking the perimeter trails around our back reservoirs (Lakes Callero, Chesbro, and Clementia) you will see our growing population of swans. Wistful white and graceful gliders navigating the rippling blue waters. In the spring, they have become our local photographers' favorites, especially when they take their babies out for a Sunday excursion.

They fly from lake to lake as if on some sort of schedule each day. Depending on where they start out, an hour here, 30 minutes there, and up to a couple hours in other locations. There does not seem to be any one leader that makes the decision when to rotate, nor is there much opposition on each move. It's as if someone just announced "Next Lake", and up they all go, almost in slow motion, ascending into a formation that takes them around the next lake one or even several times before floating down slowly to the water's surface. Wings flapping, necks distending, and greetings squawked to their new float mates. No time limits, no obvious rules, just hanging out! We are so lucky to have them join our wildlife menagerie. (Photographs compliments of Steve DeMello and Paul Anderson.)



The Rancho North application to develop 729 acres in the North into 8 Villages for a total of 795 lots continues to be on hold at the Sac County Planning Department due to unfinished studies and other incomplete or unresolved issues. 300+ lots are projected to be along our river and around the back lakes. So, SOLOS remains committed to find ways to protect these areas and see them included in an environmental Preserve for all residents and their guests to enjoy for years to come. The area in green below shows the proposed development. SOLOS is aligned with many environmental organizations and county and community agencies that do not agree that Rancho Murieta has the resources and services to handle another 795 homes.

Let's do some Math.....

  • With an average of 4 people per home, that is an additional 3,180 people.

  • With the average of at least 2 drivers per house hold, that is an increase of 1,590 additional vehicles

  • With the average of 2 drivers and approximately 5 service visits each day (such as: mail, amazon, maintenance, etc.) that would be a minimum of 7 trips a day. 7 X 795=5,565 additional trips through the Gate and on our streets.

These are low estimates and the real numbers would probably be much higher! And.....WATER?!?! We might have the water now, but in a drought, and there will be droughts, we could be moved to 50% conservation (bye-bye yards and landscaping) and the lakes would be down to the mud in August.

So, to make a long story short... SOLOS still cannot support the Rancho North application and should it get re-activated, SOLOS members (now 1100 strong) will be asked to step up to help us find a way to preserve the land along our river and back lakes. Please stay tuned!



Reynen & Bardis Builders, the owners of Riverview, a 57 acre parcel was approved for 140 single family lots back in 2007 way before SOLOS began in 2014. Due to the recession and a bankruptcy reorganization, R&B is just now planning to start their development this spring. It appears that many folks living in the South were not aware of this planned development, or believed it would never happen, but the construction trailers are in place, and R&B claims they plan to start grading the parcel this spring. The County approval documents have a fairly long list of Conditions that need to be met before R&B can begin building which require collaboration and negotiation with RMA (your home owners Association) and RMCSD, your water district. These meetings are occurring presently and each agency gives updates regarding these plans at their monthly Board meetings. The local paper, RVT, has included articles about R&B's plans as well. However if you have concerns, we highly advise calling R&B directly.

Here is their contact info:

Reynen & Bardis


Katherine Bardis

John Reynen



May 8, 2021 8:30-12 Noon

Clean-up the Lakes Day

Sponsored by SOLOS, RMA, and RM Fishing Club



Whether you have a well on your property or live in a community that pumps groundwater from a well into homes in your community, decisions will be made soon that may impact you. The Cosumnes Groundwater Sustainability Plan will be finalized this year! This plan will provide a road map for how groundwater will be managed for the next two decades. Participate in the March 24, 2021 public workshop to learn more. Register and learn more at



Please help us continue to grow our SOLOS membership. Joining is free and you will be kept informed about development and environmental issues on a regular basis. Just go to and sign up! Encourage your RM friends and neighbors to join as well. Our membership is now over 1,100 but it's not enough! Help us reach out 2021 goal of 1,500 RM residents! Yahoo!!

Also, check us out on Instagram! @SOLOS.ranchomurieta


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