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May 2021 Updates are here....


Yes, that's right, things are loosening up, coming back (sort of), and looking more like normal in the months to come. Thank goodness! What a crazy ride this has been for everyone. Seeing these beautiful hot air balloons floating over our beautiful back lakes this morning was such a delight. You have to get up early to catch them, as they usually depend on the cooler morning temperatures and calmer breezes to help them float...….. up, up, and away. A quick Google search says our local contact for this adventure is Sky Drifters, 7000 Stonehouse Road, Rancho Murieta, ph. 888-359-0484. This is another fabulous way to enjoy our lakes and open spaces in Rancho Murieta.



One of the major goals of SOLOS is to keep our members and the community up to date about development. A few misinformed folks like to say we are anti-development, but that really is not true, and never has been; we are only against irresponsible development. Irresponsible development might mean it's a higher density which could negatively affect our community's water supply, infrastructure, traffic, security, and recreation. Also, please keep in mind that SOLOS formed in 2014, so any developments approved before 2014 cannot be contested by SOLOS or any other agency unless there were some serious violations of their conditions of approval.

Here is a summary of development for our community and SOLOS position on it all.

1. Approved by Sacramento County in 2007

Total = 521 lots

  • 140 lots- Riverview in the South, developers Reynen & Bardis (

  • 99 lots- Lakeview South, owned by Murieta Lakeside Properties.

  • 99 lots- Residence East- owned by Bob Kyle

  • 99 lots- Residence West- owned by BBC Murieta Land, LLC

  • 84 lots- Retreats I, II, III (22 lots built, 62 remaining)

Our Position: SOLOS unfortunately cannot do anything regarding these developments other than to monitor their conditions of approval that must adhere to RMA and CSD guidelines.

2. Rancho North Development- Villages A-H owned by Rancho Murieta Properties North, Cosumnes River Land, LLC

Total lots = 795 (still zoned Agriculture)

  • Land is still zoned as Agriculture (not housing)

  • An application to re-zone land to housing was submitted to the Sacramento County Planning Dept. in 2015 and remains incomplete at the County Planning Dept. with no action since 2017.

Proposed lots are:

  • Village A- 215 Murieta Parkway

  • Village B- 136 Riverfront

  • Village C- 128 lots both sides of entrance to Lake Clementia

  • Village D- 28 lots River near Granlees Dam and drawing station

  • Village E- 32 lots N side of Lake Clementia

  • Village F- 90 lots N side of Lake Chesbro

  • Village G- 50 lots far side of Lake Calero

  • Village H- 116 lots around Lake Calero

Our Position: SOLOS position on this proposed development is that Village A and C which propose 343 lots, should be enough. The remaining Villages would tax our infrastructure, water, and traffic conditions to an unsustainable level and therefore should remain zoned as Agriculture. Villages D-H would impact our 17 miles of hiking trails, wildlife habitat, and serene views, which should become a pristine, unique Preserve that could connect to the Deer Creek Preserve. What an amazing amenity and point of interest for our community that is well worth our dedication and efforts to push for.

3. Outside the Gates

Total lots = 102

  • 78 lots- Murieta Gardens behind the new shopping center.

  • 24 units- Murieta Gardens, Extended Stay Residence adjacent to hotel


  • 623 - Total lots available for development

  • 795 - Total additional lots zoned Agriculture

Total Buildout- 1417

SOLOS POSITION: this is way too many!!!

So there you have it! A Development Update and SOLOS's position on it all. We hope this helps to clarify.



SOLOS joined up with our RM Fire Safe Council, Sac Metro, Deer Creek Hills Preserve, and Cal Fire to sponsor the recent Fire Prevention Awareness and Fuel Mitigation Demonstration held at RMA on May 1, 2021. Lots of folks came by to pick up a variety of information about wildfire prevention and protection. Rancho Murieta just recently has become a Firewise community, so get prepared, you are going to get lots of information sent to you through a variety of ways, such as RVT, RMA website, Facebook blogs, brochures, and lots more community awareness and education events. SOLOS not only wants to protect our lakes and open spaces, but we are dedicated to making sure wildfire does not devastate them as well.



RM resident Will Kessen of Boy Scout Troop 633, featured below, needs your help. Will is working towards his Eagle Scout certification, the highest level of scouting achievement, and guess what his project is? Will is completing a mapping project of emergency checkpoints on our 17 miles of trails which will culminate in a new and revised Trail Map and huge display board at the top of Lake Calero. This certainly seems to be a worthy project for SOLOS members to support, don't you think? He has started a Go Fund Me account and here is the link:

Please consider sending Will a donation for his project. Rancho Murieta is filled with great kids doing tons of great things for our community, their schools, and extra-curricular organizations. Let's show our support for kids like Will.


Are you a SOLOS Member? It is easy to join and costs nothing. Stay up to date on development in our community. Go to and join.

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