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PSA on Ballot Measure R

SOLOS has been asked to share information with Rancho Murieta residents about ballot Measure R. This information has been provided by RMCSD as part of the November 8, 2022 ballot measure.

A Little Background:

  • RMCSD is a utility district with responsibility to provide water, sewer drainage, and solid waste services. It is also the only district to provide in-house security.

  • The district is currently facing increased costs in all services, an aging infrastructure, depleted reserves, and the rejection of the 2022/2023 budget by the community.

  • The RMCSD Board has determined that property tax funds will not be used to supplement the Security budget. The Board is proposing a new Special Tax, Measure R to make up the current shortfall in the Security budget.


Measure R States:

  • Security (Gates and Patrol) will continue to provide 24/7/365 service.

  • Each household will pay $316/yr. more to address the budget shortfall.

  • These funds will provide enough annual revenue to cover the shortfall, and stay in Rancho Murieta for Security only.

  • By law, no funds will be used for other District operations or be taken away by the County or State.


What if it Fails?

  • The district will examine options for providing Security services within the current budget revenues provided by Measure J. This will mean changes in the current 24/7/365 services.


For more detailed information, please go to the RMCSD website or contact Tom Hennig, General Manager at RMCSD at 916-354-3700, or any RMCSD Board member by email.

Please Don't Forget to Vote!

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