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SOLOS Summer Update

Hello to all SOLOS members. All 1350 of you!!!

We are getting very close to our goal of 1500 members, and we want to officially welcome all our new members and share with you all the most current information about development in Rancho Murieta. Just a few photos to remind you about the very special wildlife habitat, pristine lakes (our reservoirs), and abundant open space available to you all each day.

We especially love our Chesbro turtle that suns on a log each morning, our beautiful Eagles and our neighborhood Swans.


The T-shirts are in!

We are officially launching our T-Shirt & Hat Campaign July 1-August

30th. Please place your orders here on the SOLOS Website.

As you know, SOLOS does not require a membership fee, but we do want you all to purchase a new T-shirt and hat to wear to our upcoming events and help advertise our SOLOS organization throughout our community. New colors are available now. Please show your support and order your shirts and hats soon! Donations are always welcomed.


Development News

New Rancho Murieta Properties North Map sent to the Sacramento County Planning Department

A new document updating the Rancho North Properties development application shows the proposed development changes to each Village and the lots within them. There has been a reduction in lots from 795 to 697. It also shows the land that will not be developed behind the Calero Reservoir, titled Calero Reserve. These changes represent significant progress for SOLOS, but much more is needed. In particular, SOLOS wants to see all of the area labeled Village H as part of the 'Calero Reserve'. The land around Calero is precious and complicated with rock formations, numerous hiking and biking trails, heritage oaks, unearthed asbestos, cultural artifacts, and a wildlife refuge. It offers many pristine views. A housing development will ruin one of our most cherished open spaces.

New RM Noth Map 33022
Download PDF • 2.12MB

Rancho North Properties' first map was submitted in 2014 with 925 proposed lots. The second map was adjusted in 2016 to 795 lots. This map has 697 lots that are proposed to be built in 8 separate villages.

Find out more on our Development Updates page at


Join us for:

Sunset with SOLOS

Saturday, July 16th

6:30-9:00 PM

Lake Calero Entrance

Download DOCX • 123KB

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