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Still Monitoring Development

Greetings SOLOS Members!

We hope your 2022 new year is going well. It looks like we might soon be back to some sort of normalcy after a very crazy and stressful two years of the COVID Pandemic. Our community seems to have managed pretty well through it all with no major setbacks or interruptions to services or significant problems. I guess we are lucky, but I also think we have a great community of knowledgeable, caring people who stayed informed, followed the effective recommendations, and took care of one another which made all the difference.

SOLOS continues to grow its membership. We now have 1315 members and we're adding people each week. It seems that protecting our lakes and open spaces is becoming an important goal for many communities in California and across the country. Land Trusts and conservation easements are popping up in just about every state in our country. Is SOLOS looking into these options? You bet we are. As most things, it is complicated, but we are doing our research. Any SOLOS members out there with pertinent info regarding land trusts and conservation projects, please let us know.


What's happening with development?

Well...not much has happened with development since we last reported to you in December. Just to recap for you, of for any new members, here is a development summary:

  • RIVERVIEW, by Reynen & Bardis, on the South, 140 units approved in 2007 is underway with models expected to be complete this spring.

  • LAKEVIEW, also approved in 2007 on the South, no activity.

  • RETREATS, adjacent to the RM Country Club approved in 2007, 22 units finished and sold. 62 left to build, which are currently in process near De la Cruz and Rancho Murieta Parkway.

  • RESIDENCE EAST (99) and RESIDENCE WEST (99), adjacent to Stonehouse Park, approved in 2007, no activity at this time.

SOLOS really cannot do much about all the above approved development unfortunately, other than monitor our local agencies (RMA and CSD) to make sure approved developments are meeting their conditions for approval.

But, we can do something about proposed development that is not yet approved!

In 2015, Rancho Murieta North Properties submitted an application to Sac County to convert 772 acres that are zoned for agriculture, to housing, for 795 units. One half to be built around our back lakes and trails. This application is incomplete and has had no action at the Sacramento County Planning Dept. since 2017. SOLOS is hoping that the land around the back lakes, referred to as Villages D-H and even Village B that is along the River could be donated and/or purchased for/by our community and become a Preserve for all RM residents to enjoy for many years to come.

With 17 miles of trails, beautiful lakes, pristine views of the Sierras, abundant wildlife, and abundant open space just minutes from your house, having this area designated a Preserve would greatly increase your home value, as well as your well being.

Isn't it worth the time and effort to push for this area to remain undeveloped, and to belong to our community? We say YES! and will be asking for your support if the application ever gets completed and activity starts up again. So STAY TUNED!


SOLOS Supports Our Fire Safe Council, so...


April 8, 2022

2:00-4:00 PM at the RMCC

Ready Rancho Murieta!!!

Emergency Preparedness Training Workshop

Sponsored by: RMA Fire Safe Council

There are two ways to register.

Go to or print this form and drop it off before March 31st.

2022 Fire Council Workshop Registration Form
Download PDF • 199KB

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