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Time to Vote....

The Rancho Murieta Association (RMA), your home owners association, has a 7 member Board of Directors, and two seats are open for this next coming year. After 6 years, Cheryl McElhany, SOLOS President and also President of the RMA Board, is completing her second term. This leaves her seat open to be filled. Additionally, RMA Director and SOLOS member, Tom Reimers current term is over so he is running for another term.

We are so fortunate to have three SOLOS members running for the two (2) vacancies on the RMA Board. We wanted to make sure you knew who they were, and that you have a chance to read their Candidate Statements prior to the election. So here they are:


John Van Doren

John is a founding member of SOLOS. He continues to serve on the SOLOS Council working hard to monitor development and make sure it adheres to our community standards. An RMCC member and avid hiker, John is dedicated to keeping Rancho Murieta the special community we all love and cherish.

John has lived in Rancho Murieta for 27 years. He moved to RM in order to raise his family in a safe place. He coached them in Little League as well as other youth sports. He also runs his own successful law practice.


Tom Reimers

Tom has just completed his first 3 year term on the RMA Board and is

the incumbent running for his second term. Tom has been a SOLOS member for the past 5 years. He walks the lakes and trails daily and

cares deeply about our special wildlife habitat and open spaces.

Tom has chaired the Compliance Committee for RMA for the past 3 years and does a great job helping residents understand our rules and regulations. He has lived in Rancho Murieta for 13 years and is the ultimate Volunteer helping out with everything from Summerfest, Graffiti Removal, and Santa activities, to July 4th festivities.


Renee Bechthold

Renee is a newer SOLOS member. She loves to walk around the lakes and is committed to maintaining our clean lakes and pristine walking paths. She has lived in RM for 7 years and is a member of many groups including the Optimists and Rancho Murieta Women's Group.

Renee has served on the RMA nominating Committee and is active in the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. Renee runs her own business as an insurance investigator and also loves to volunteer. She's been active at numerous community events, such as the July 4th Carnival, Family Bingo Night and Summerfest.

If you'd like to read more about each candidate please use the links below to see their official Candidate Statements:

Van Doren Candidates Statement
Download PDF • 49KB

Tom Reimers Candidates Statement
Download PDF • 311KB

Bechthold Candidates Statement
Download PDF • 220KB


Additional Information -

When will you get your Voting Ballot?

RMA Voter Ballots should be in your mailboxes this week, but are not due until Nov. 18, the date of the RMA Annual Meeting and the announcement of the election results.

We encourage you all to VOTE EARLY.

Why is the RMA Board of Directors important to SOLOS?

SOLOS needs to have representation on our community agencies, RMA, and CSD. This is extremely important so that future development can be monitored and guided responsibly. We stand for responsible development which means all development will adhere to architectural standards and be an enhancement to our community. Critical resources such as water and security will be highly impacted by growth and development, as well as, traffic and infrastructure. Most residents will agree and say that they do not want to see housing around our beautiful back lakes and trails.

SOLOS growth and presence on local Boards is important!!!

Thank you for your membership and continued support of SOLOS.

When you vote.....

Please vote two SOLOS members to the two (2) RMA seats and help us keep our interests strong and alive!


And as always, please encourage your friends and neighbors to join SOLOS. It’s so easy. Just go to and sign up!


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