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We Need Your Help...

SOLOS, and the community of Rancho Murieta,


Redistricting is happening now:
DEADLINE Wednesday 11/10/2021

We need YOU, our SOLOS members, to send an email ASAP to and say "I am a resident of Rancho Murieta and I support MAP NDC-201"

This map will preserve Rancho Murieta's 'two seat agreement' on the Cosumnes Planning & Advisory Council (CPAC). EVERY planning project passes through CPAC. CPAC makes approval and disapproval recommendations to the Sacramento County Planning Commissions.

If you want to retain a voice on development issues in RM,

then email now!!!!

Every key issue we will face in the next ten years is inside the district highlighted in purple (see attached document Map NDC-201).

  • Jackson Highway Urbanization (26 new traffic signals)

  • The Grant-line Intersection

  • The Connector (and its impacts on our evacuation plan)

  • Scott Road (as it approaches 1 million annual trips)

  • Landfill expansion and 'good neighbor enforcement of trach on Jackson Road'

  • An application for 795 new homes

  • a traffic signal for the Stonehouse Road

  • Sheriff support and routine patrols

  • Accessory dwellings and the long term impact on our community

What all these issues have in common is that they are all inside District 4. We share little in common with District 5. Help us retain our voice! While we are inside the county 'urban services boundary' we are still residents of the unincorporated part of Sacramento County.
Our sole voice on issues outside the gates is with our County Supervisor. If we are relocated to District 5, we will be voting for a new supervisor in June 2022. This would be our 4th supervisor in 11 years! A bit of continuity in our representative would be very, very helpful.


SOLOS members you are always asking what we can do and how you can help....THIS IS IT!

The vote will be taken in early December.

Interested in learning more:

Map NDC-201
Download PDF • 1.23MB
Rancho Murieta Redistricting 2021
Download PDF • 1.87MB

Additionally....Don't forget to vote!!!

There are 2 vacancies on the RMA Board and we hope you will support the SOLOS members that are running. As a reminder they are:

John Van Doren:

  • Founding member of SOLOS and serves on the SOLOS Council.

  • Longtime resident of Rancho Murieta raising a family here and active in the youth sports organizations.

  • Long established law practice and highly knowledgeable on our Association's business.

Tom Reimers:

  • Incumbent, holding a seat on the RMA Board for the past 3 years.

  • Chair of the RMA Compliance Committee and highly active in the community infrastructure projects and active volunteer for recreation events.

  • Long time SOLOS member and highly supportive of protecting our lakes and trail.

Renee Bechthold:

  • Member of the RMA Nominating Committee and many RM groups.

  • Actively volunteers in numerous community events.

  • Business owner who has lived in RM for 7 years and loves our lakes and pristine walking paths.

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