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Support Your Local SOLOS 

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Your SOLOS support is important!

SOLOS Merchandise

A fun and easy way to show you support the effort to preserve the Rancho Murieta open spaces.

T-shirts in navy or turquoise: $20 each

Hats in white or blue: $10 each


To order yours: 

  1. Fill out the form indicating the style and color of your choice. Be sure to select sizes in the text box

  2. Send check to:                            


        ...and mail to:

           Linda Butler

           15279 Medella Circle

           Rancho Murieta, CA 95683 ​

SOLOS Merchandise Order Form

Thanks for supporting SOLOS!

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Eagle Flying

SOLOS Donations

Donating to SOLOS is a great way to support the organization and help us continue our important work for Rancho Murieta. Your contribution can make a big difference to all of Rancho Murieta. Thank you for considering a donation to SOLOS

To Donate to SOLOS:

Fill out the form.  Be sure to enter the correct contact email and send check donation to:  "SOLOS"      

...and mail to:         

John Van Doren

15250 De La Pena

Rancho Murieta, CA 95683 ​

Supportng the SOLOS Cause

Help SOLOS make a difference to the future of Rancho Murieta 

Thank you for helping SOLOS make a difference!

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