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Development Documents


The below development documents are intended to provide the relevant communication from the County, the Developer, the Home Owners Association, or the CSD.  Most of these links are provided by John Merchant, Vice President of SOLOS and long-time RM resident.  We are fortunate to have his significant role in SOLOS.


Zoning MAP 04-2024: This is an updated map that reflects the most current Developer's plan that is part of their application at Sac County Planning.  It shows their proposed plan for 697 additional homes. The actual application is to change the zoning from its current zoning as Agriculture to Housing. The application still has some outstanding studies to complete by the Developer.  

Rancho Murieta Properties Proposed Development Map April 2024


Rancho Murieta Water Supply 2023-2043 01-2023 (A detailed analysis and response to the Integrated Water Management Plan (IWMP) for Rancho Murieta)

Rancho Murieta Water Supply,  January 2023


RMCSD Planning Meeting Summary 07-21-2022
This is a summary of the meeting with the RMCSD and the Sacramento County Planning and Environmental Review Board on July 21, 2022. CSD is concerned that we may not have enough water to handle proposed development.  This summary was written by John Merchant.  Sac. County Planning Mtg. Summary


County Response, 05-06-2022
This document is the County's Response to Rancho Murieta Properties application.  They deemed it incomplete.

Planning and Environmental Review


Revised App Planning Comments 05-03-2022 Upon receipt of the application submitted 3/20/2022 by the developer, the Sacramento County Department of Planning and Environmental Review asks the 'stakeholders' if they feel there are any omissions or deficiencies in the petition. The revised application planning comments are comments John Merchant submitted after meeting with the Sac County Planners, the GM of the CSD and the CSD Director of Operations.  This letter is a supplement to the letter submitted by the GM of CSD on 5/3/2022.  The County will now determine if the application is ready to proceed or if it is incomplete.Revised App Planning Comments


RMN North Justification 03-20-2022This justification statement accompanies the new map to the county and explains the changes to the project since the previous submittal.RM North Properties Justification


RM North Map 03-2022This document shows the changes to each Village and the lots within them. It also shows the land that will not be developed behind the Calero Reservoir. The first map was submitted in 2014 with 925 proposed lots. The second map was adjusted in 2016 to 795 lots. This map, March 2022, has 697 lots that are proposed to be built in 8 separate villages.RM North Map 03-2022


Mutual Benefit Agreement 03-2015  The Mutual Benefit Agreement was signed by the Pension Trust Fund and the Rancho Murieta Association in 2003.  This document ended all litigation between the two parties and is the benchmark for development in Rancho Murieta.  The new developer, Carol Anderson and her investment group were required to accept this document as conditions and restrictions as they develop.  The have said it is an invalid document.  Much will be said and potentially litigated as we move forward.  While this presentation is a few years old, it is still quite relevant. Mutual Benefit Agreement (Video) 03-2015

Archive (News, Events, Emails & Documents)


Email/Event 07-29-2023: Saturday, July 29, 2023, RMA Bldg. "Wild Rancho Murieta" was presented by award winning nature photographer, Paul Anderson

A Water & Development Update provided by John Merchant


Document 11-08-2022: Information for Rancho Murieta residents about ballot Measure R

PSA on Ballot Measure R


News 11-2021: Deadline - SOLOS & RM Need Your Help

Redistricting & Voting


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